Love By Proxy

We never see the glimmer in a star until it shines.

Sophie Swanson and Tess Anderson have been BFF’s since childhood. Even though they’re both attracted to women, falling for each other would’ve risked their friendship and neither is willing to take that chance.

Sophie is fed up with dating and tired of being alone. When heat flares with a new connection on social media, Sophie’s ready to take love more seriously. She’s great at short flirty banter, but horrible at romance, and asks Tess to help her woo the woman who just might be The One.

Tess is still looking for her perfect match, or at least that’s what she tells herself while secretly crushing on Sophie. The last thing Tess wants is to help Sophie fall in love with someone else, but how can she stand in the way of her happiness?



Release Date:  November 2021

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