Tuffy and Other Happy Things

First off, let me start by apologizing. It’s been way too long since I sat down and wrote one of these—way too long since I had the emotional energy to write one.

This year has been tough on all of us. Scrambling to work from home—working too much because of it. Some not able to work—losing their jobs. Not seeing family and friends, cancelling trips, not eating out—eating all the time. At points, unable to make sense of it all and not connecting with anyone or anything. I’m not complaining, I still have my job and health when others weren’t so fortunate.

I’m going to flip this subject and tell you about the good things that happened this year. Tuffy, the sweetest cocker spaniel, dachshund mix came into my life. I mean look at the picture. How can you not love that face? He actually wasn’t the pup we inquired about when we first decided to adopt. That cocker spaniel had already been adopted. I actually had second thoughts about adopting after that, but when they sent me Tuffy’s picture, I fell in love. A morning doesn’t go by that he’s not bouncing around letting me know it’s time for his walk. He’s the perfect snuggle buddy.

We hadn’t spent much time in the backyard since we lost our previous babies. Since Tuffy has moved in, the back patio has been cleaned and organized. It’s now a lovely place to sit and enjoy the early mornings and evenings while Tuffy goes on his backyard adventures. The bunnies have learned to run really fast, and I’ve added a bell to his collar to alert them when he’s in the yard. I’m excited for the crispness of fall to move in and beg for the chimenea to be lit. I absolutely love the scent of pinion wood in the air.

I also planted a garden this year and we’re still reaping the rewards of tomatoes and a few cucumbers. I had good intentions, but planted late and didn’t get more than that in the ground. Next year I plan to do better. Famous last words, right?

I hope you are all doing well and taking time to enjoy the good things in your lives, even if they are small.