Having spent yesterday doing a multitude of tasks, from enjoying a wonderful lunch with my kids to finishing a bit of last minute Christmas shopping. This morning I’m curled up in my chair, snuggled in a soft, furry blanket on a warm (for Oklahoma) winter morning reflecting on Christmases past.

My family has always been close, and the holidays were times when we all gathered at my parents’ house to bake cookies and pies while drinking wine and hot cider. Although I know my parents are gone, and I miss them, I don’t think of these memories with sadness. They brought so much joy and happiness to us all, and that can never be forgotten.

This Christmas we will be in the same house, now my sister & brother-in-law’s home, to make new memories. The house is a little different, they have made it their own, but the love and happiness it contains is still the same.

I hope you all have memories in which you can find peace and happiness this holiday season.