Coming Out Again

This week I came out on my personal Facebook page. My friends there are compiled of mostly family, close friends, and high school alumni from Northern California. I had actually been thinking about doing this for years, but there was still a small piece of that geeky teenager inside me wondering if anyone would think less of me. Not that they thought much of me in the first place. All my family and close friends know who I am—have for years, and they have all been wonderfully supportive. 

What held me back from doing this before was high school, a time in my life that was emotionally and physically painful. I don’t understand people who say they would do it all over again. Not me. This skinny tomboy, at the time, would definitely opt out of a second round. We all have our closets where we’ve locked away the things that haunt us. This is one of mine. It’s funny how I can be successful in every part of my life, yet thoughts of people and experiences so far in the past can make me feel ridiculously insecure. Something, in reality, that is truly a blip on the radar of my life. This is only one instance of how my formative years are so deeply seated, I have many others that are much more positive.

It was time for me to let go and be who I am, and it honestly feels wonderful. I found the light at the end of my tunnel long ago, and my life is so much better than good. Set those demons free and go find your light. Trust in yourself to be happy. 



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