Christmas in Chicago

I had so much fun writing Friends Without Benefits. Not only is it set in Chicago during the holiday season, it’s filled with fun, festivals, and lights. I pulled situations from my past, feelings from deep in my heart, and humor from my life, then mixed them all together and ended up with Dex, Emma, and Grace. Each with their own strengths and vulnerabilities, these three beautiful women struggle to find and keep the love they deserve in their lives.

Blind dates are a part of many women’s lives, some work out and make people blissfully happy. Some suck so badly they end up being one of those memories to laugh about. A story that only takes the mention of one word for your friends to know exactly what you mean before they burst into hysterical laughter.

I think many of us have that someone whom we believe will be our perfect match, but is unattainable, someone from whom we are destined to move on. Once we are able to break the chains that hold us and press onward, we realize how good love can be when it’s returned with the same depth in which we give.

Friends Without Benefits is a little lighter than my usual style, so I hope you all find it as enjoyable to read as I did to write. Love in Chicago during the holidays—just imagine.

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