Friends Without Benefits

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve written anything here. I’ve been super busy writing the characters that keep talking in my head. That’s normal, ask any writer.

I’m currently glued to my chair writing Friends Without Benefits. A story about exactly what the title suggests. We’ve all had those crushes in our lifetimes. You know the ones, the unrequited love for the girl next door, roommate in college, or best friend. Somehow those feelings are the hardest to get past. No matter what we do, they’ve marked us somehow and they remain in our lives forever. Our hearts still burn for them even though friendship is all there will ever be between us. Sometimes destiny sucks.

Dex is beautiful, compassionate, and loyal. She’s trying to purge her heart and start fresh after her best friend, Grace, gets married. She’s a catch in her own right, but I’m totally in love with Emma, the girl who never gets the girl for some crazy unforeseen reason. She’d have me the moment she glanced my way with her startling blue-gray eyes. Love…we never know when it’s going to capture us. Would it be any fun if we did? I think not.

Look for Friends Without Benefits this December.

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