Labor Day

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. This is bittersweet for me because, although, I absolutely love the summer sunshine, fall is my favorite time of year. The brisk weather energizes me, planning both outdoor and indoor home projects that may or may not get done. I always mean well, but never know how my time will be spent. Plenty of it will be dedicated to writing.

When I lived in California, the arrival of fall meant the return of beautiful blankets of green to the hills as the rains came back and nourished the dry land. Living in Oklahoma, it means the brilliant colors of changing leaves and the slow death of Bermuda lawns everywhere as the cold grows near.

What I love most about fall is the constant scent of burning wood—oak, maple, birch, or my favorite, pinion. Nothing makes coming home more special than someone waiting for me on the porch with the chimenea glowing.

I’ll enjoy the last days of summer and savor fall as it sweeps in with all its beauty and briskness, while wishing it to stay for a while. My hopes are that you’ll enjoy yours as well.

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