mom-the-kidsMy mom and my babies.

My mom wasn’t the kind of woman who pulled any punches. She told you exactly what she was thinking when it popped into her head. I always knew where I stood with her. She wasn’t crass or rude by any means, just direct. She was also extremely loving and very supportive. She never had any doubt my work would be published someday.

When I lost my mom, my rock, nine years ago, it brought me to my knees. She was my number one fan, always good for an “I love you” and a great big hug. I stayed on my knees for another year as I lost my dad as well as a cherished uncle. A year later, I was divorced. It was a pretty rough patch for me.

It took me a while to be thankful for dreams in which my mom appeared. The first one I had made me incredibly sad. As time passed, I began to look at those dreams as one more moment I get to spend with the amazing woman who brought me into this world.

Today, I’m here on the beach, a place my parents loved. They couldn’t get enough of sun and sand. Every chance they got they jetted off to Hawaii or Mexico. Even when I was growing up we spent months in both Italy and Spain. They raised beach babies.

You may think this is a little crazy, but I’ve taken multiple pictures while I’ve been here and in some, not all, I’ve seen a little green dot. I choose to see it as a sign my parents are here, enjoying the sun and sand along with me.

I love you Mom and Dad.


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