Where The Light Glows

“I’m still shocked this was Dena Blake’s first novel… It was fantastic… It was written extremely well and more than once I wondered if this was a true account of someone close to the author because it was really raw and realistic. It seemed to flow very naturally and I am truly surprised that this is the authors first novel as it reads like a seasoned writer…” -Les Rêveur | Read the full review here

“Fantastic debut!!…fast-paced…a storyline about bonds between people: family, friends, lovers, ex-lovers etc…the author’s writing style is gritty and descriptive, with no subject considered taboo. Nice depth and chemistry. Great ending…highly recommend to all.” -Goodreads Review

”Dena Blake is an incredibly beautiful writer. Her novel flows beautifully, especially since this is her first book. I also like she describes Izzy’s view of nature it is beautifully poetic. I also enjoyed the sexual tension she built up between Izzy and Mel it was realistic and incredibly sexy…” -Goodreads Review

“Where the Light Glows is a sure winner… It’s the best book I’ve read this month so far (I read a new book everyday) and I’m going to go back and reread it. I look forward to reading the next one…”
-NetGalley Review

“This is a wonderful debut novel, well written and edited… The romance is a long, slow burn…”
-Goodreads Review

“Food, wine, coffee and women. Mix in ex-partners, misunderstandings, heartache, family and a very slow burn romance, and you have a beautiful and entertaining story…” -Goodreads Review