Unchained Memories

“This story had me cycling between lovely romantic scenes to white-knuckle gripping, on the edge of the seat (or in my case, the bed) scenarios. This story had me rooting for a sequel and I can certainly place my stamp of approval on this novel as a must read book. ” –The Lesbian Review | Read the full review here

“The pace and character development was perfect for such an involved story line, I couldn’t help but turn each page. This book has so many wonderful plot twists that you will be in suspense with every chapter that follows. ” –Les Rêveur | Read the full review here

“This was more than just a love story; it was about seeing what is important in life and finding closure and happiness. I adored it! …The book had me hooked from the start and I highly recommend it. ”
–NetGalley Review

“This was my second Dena Blake novel. I enjoy her style of writing. She did a great job setting up an interesting plot. Jillian and Amelia are solid mains. There were twists and turns in the book that helped keep me engaged. I look forward to reading her next book! ” –NetGalley Review

“I found the story to be a page turner and I really enjoyed it.” –Goodreads Review

“The writing is gripping and the plot flows. The romance is well done. The author’s writing has really progressed since her first book.” –NetGalley Review

“I really enjoyed this book. Excellent build up of tension and attraction between the two woman and very well written love scenes. ” –NetGalley Review

Where The Light Glows

“I’m still shocked this was Dena Blake’s first novel… It was fantastic… It was written extremely well and more than once I wondered if this was a true account of someone close to the author because it was really raw and realistic. It seemed to flow very naturally and I am truly surprised that this is the authors first novel as it reads like a seasoned writer…” –Les Rêveur | Read the full review here

“Fantastic debut!!…fast-paced…a storyline about bonds between people: family, friends, lovers, ex-lovers etc…the author’s writing style is gritty and descriptive, with no subject considered taboo. Nice depth and chemistry. Great ending…highly recommend to all.” – Goodreads Review

”Dena Blake is an incredibly beautiful writer. Her novel flows beautifully, especially since this is her first book. I also like she describes Izzy’s view of nature it is beautifully poetic. I also enjoyed the sexual tension she built up between Izzy and Mel it was realistic and incredibly sexy…” –Goodreads Review

“Where the Light Glows is a sure winner… It’s the best book I’ve read this month so far (I read a new book everyday) and I’m going to go back and reread it. I look forward to reading the next one…”
–NetGalley Review

“This is a wonderful debut novel, well written and edited… The romance is a long, slow burn…”
–Goodreads Review

“Food, wine, coffee and women. Mix in ex-partners, misunderstandings, heartache, family and a very slow burn romance, and you have a beautiful and entertaining story…” –Goodreads Review

“A very well written story and page-turner, I really enjoyed it.” –NetGalley Review