Kiss Me Every Day

Wishing for a do-over was a long shot, actually getting one was a game changer.

Carly Jamison is turning thirty. Her career has made her rich beyond her wildest dreams, but her love life is sorely lacking. She believes she’s happy until she spends her birthday dinner reminiscing with the woman who could’ve changed it all. Only one problem, she’s married to Carly’s sister.

Wynn Evans is tired of her wife ignoring her needs to put her career first. Family has always been important in Wynn’s life and Jordan doesn’t seem to care. Love and happiness is all Wynn hopes for and has yet to achieve.

Regrets surface as Carly and Wynn realize the path they could’ve taken, but both ignored. When a freak thunderstorm develops during the night, Carly finds herself catapulted back in time to the day she made the worst decision of her life—stepping aside to let her sister romance Wynn.

Living the day over and over again, Carly must decide what is most important, success, loyalty, or love. Given a second chance at happiness, will Carly take the opportunity and change her destiny?

Release Date: July 2020