Friends Without Benefits

Did you ever get everything you ever wanted and then realize it wasn’t really what you wanted at all?

Dex Putnam has been in love with her best friend, Grace Standish, since the fifth grade. She’s smart, beautiful, and most importantly straight. Life would’ve been perfect if Grace had only loved her back. With Grace now happily married, Dex still reserves a place in her heart just for her. When she meets Emma Lawson, the result of a blind date, she never expects the turmoil her heart endures when she must choose between her best friend and her new love.

Emma Lawson is successful and happy in every aspect of her life except love. She’s been alone for close to a year and has no intention of giving love another chance until she agrees to meet Dex. Life is good with Dex until Grace comes between them. Emma has been second best before and doesn’t intend to let it happen again. Can Emma erase the love holding Dex’s heart captive?

Release Date:  December 2018

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