If you had the chance to get the love of your life back, could you ignore everything that went wrong and start over?

After a startling discovery, Chloe Jensen embarks on a new life without her wife, Shay. When Shay realizes she’s leaving, tragedy strikes. A car accident leaves Shay confused and vulnerable, and with no friends or family to care for her, Chloe feels obligated to stay until she recovers.
Shay Buchanan can remember her whole life except for the past year. Everything seems to fit into place, but Chloe is distant, and Shay can’t figure out why. Something is missing.

As Chloe helps Shay recover, they become close again, working together to rebuild her memories. Except Shay doesn’t remember what she did to break their marriage, and Chloe can’t seem to forget.

When their happiness is threatened, will they be able to forgive each other and give love a second chance?

Release Date: July 2019

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Did you ever get everything you ever wanted and then realize it wasn’t really what you wanted at all?

Dex Putnam has been in love with her best friend, Grace Standish, since the fifth grade. She’s smart, beautiful, and most importantly straight. Life would’ve been perfect if Grace had only loved her back. With Grace now happily married, Dex still reserves a place in her heart just for her. When she meets Emma Lawson, the result of a blind date, she never expects the turmoil her heart endures when she must choose between her best friend and her new love.
Emma Lawson is successful and happy in every aspect of her life except love. She’s been alone for close to a year and has no intention of giving love another chance until she agrees to meet Dex. Life is good with Dex until Grace comes between them. Emma has been second best before and doesn’t intend to let it happen again. Can Emma erase the love holding Dex’s heart captive?

Release Date: December 2018

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When you cross a hot-tempered racecar mechanic with a reckless cop, the result can only be spontaneous combustion.

For Samantha Kelleher careening around a NASCAR track is treacherous enough, especially after the near-death experience that left her burned, broken, and guilty. When the top team’s drivers start to die from engine sabotage, the cop who is assigned to investigate turns out to be the sexy stranger Sam slept with to get revenge on a cheating ex. At least that’s what she told herself.
All cop, Detective Drew Thompson is bullheaded and arrogant—just the right qualifications to infiltrate the racing circuit as a cocky driver with a serious adrenaline addiction. Except, a one-night stand with the prime suspect isn’t exactly protocol for an undercover operation.
Drew isn’t going to let another cop, or civilian for that matter, die on her watch. Can they catch the real killer before their chance at a future goes up in flames?

Release Date: September 2018

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Happily ever after is something you have to discover in yourself.

Kat Jackson is successful despite her estrangement from her parents and the loss of her wife. She’s resigned to live alone while struggling to maintain her dream ranch. When she falls for weekend cowgirl, DJ Callahan, she soon fears all she knows to be true may be a cruel façade developed for her own protection.
DJ Callahan is a corporate lawyer who lives in the moment, never limiting herself to any one relationship. When DJ arrives at the Jumpin’ J Ranch, she has no plans to become involved with Kat, let alone open the door to her own past, which bubbles just below the surface threatening to destroy her entire existence as a “big city lawyer.”
Having everything she could ever want in life, twice, is something Kat never expected. When she gets a second chance at love, following her heart will prove the hardest decision of all.
A Country Girl’s Heart is a 2019 Goldie Finalist.

Release Date: March 2018

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Can a woman give herself completely when she’s left a piece of herself behind?

Fifteen years ago, Jillian McIntyre was ripped from her home in Oklahoma after a brutal crime was committed there. A witness to the event, she cannot remember the details. Years later, her sister dies and Jillian is called upon to locate her niece’s father, neither of whom know the other exists. A prime-time TV investigative journalist by trade, Jillian conceals her identity and returns to her hometown to complete the task. Confronted with unreconciled feelings for the girl she left behind, Jillian begins to fall in love with the woman she’s now become. Only one problem, Jillian’s career, her passion, resides in New York.
Amelia Mathews is a family attorney who doesn’t have time for romance. She’s devoted her life to advocating for children who have been abused and mistreated. After growing up in a volatile household, Amelia and her brother dedicate their lives to making the world a safer place for kids who have no one else to speak for them. When a woman and her niece come to town in need of assistance, Amelia can’t seem to detach this time. As her attachment to them grows, Amelia’s world becomes more complicated than she ever imagined.

Release Date: September 2017

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Sometimes what you need is right in front of you, all you have to do is open your eyes…

Izzy Calabrese wants to make her restaurant a success. She has a passion for cooking and life in general. Romance is the furthest thing from her mind when she finds Mel Thomas crying after being abandoned by her husband…again. She tries to distance herself from Mel, but she keeps showing up.
Clients know Mel Thomas as the CEO of her own consulting firm. She’s smart, engaging, and successful. Anyone who knows her would never think she’s insecure, but she’s more fragile than anyone knows. Her marriage on shaky ground, she doesn’t know how, or if, it can be salvaged. All she’s ever wanted in a relationship is someone’s attention. She thinks she may have found the person who can give that to her. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect it to be Izzy.
Where the Light Glows is a Rainbow Award winner for Best Lesbian Debut as well as Runner Up for Best Lesbian Book and Best Contemporary & Erotic Romance.

Release Date: May 2017

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