It’s been a super busy summer so far this year. GCLS was fantastic, as usual. It was so awesome to see old friends and meet new ones during the whirlwind of conference days. There were so many great workshops, panels, and readings to attend that I wore myself out. I honestly had to decompress for a few days when I got back.

Once I recharged, I finished editing Friends Without Benefits, and then dove head first into writing Just One Moment. This is a story about the end of a relationship and the second chance that miraculously appears after a tragic event.

If you were given the chance to have the love of your life back, could you ignore everything that went wrong and start over again?

After a startling discovery, Chloe Jensen embarks on a new life without her wife, Shea. When Shea realizes she’s leaving, tragedy strikes. A car accident leaves Shea confused and vulnerable, and with no friends or family to care for her, Chloe feels obligated to stay until she recovers.

Shea Buchanan can remember her whole life except for the past year. Everything seems to fit into place, but Chloe is distant, and Shea can’t figure out why. Something is missing.

As Chloe helps Shea recover they become close again, working together to re-build her memories. Except Shea doesn’t remember what she did to break their marriage and Chloe can’t seem to forget.

When their happiness is threatened, will they be able to forgive each other and give love a second chance?

Just One Moment is scheduled for July of 2019

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